• Umbrellas on Zanzibar beach in Tanzania, Africa

Tropical Paradise

Our tours of Tanzania include the island paradise of Zanzibar which is perfect for a family beach holiday or an adult get-away. Zanzibar is a great place to enjoy cool beaches, a unique culture that only the people there can provide, eclectic music, and bold architecture of the past and present.

Travelers to Zanzibar always take in Stone Town, the vibrant and colorful island capital, a historic hub of commerce and culture. For many years Zanzibar has evoked dreams of romance and mystery. And the reality will not disappoint those who are seeking an enlightened experience.

Zanzibar is an archipelago of historic Indian Ocean islands, awash with atmosphere, intrigue and coral beaches waiting to be explored. There is a wide choice of places to stay, with rates all across the spectrum. A change of pace, with plenty to see, to do and most importantly, to discover.

As the birthplace of the Swahili, site of Sultans’ Palaces and renowned for its spice plantations, the little island republic features larger than life experiences and is a must-see for any one of our Visit Tanzania tour holidays. As the charts below indicate there are many unique activities and tours to take in during your stay. We can’t wait to show you all the riches of Zanzibar. Please contact us for more information about our Zanzibar tours, itineraries and prices.

Zanzibar Tanzania map
The Spice Island of Zanzibar – Day Tours and Activities Tour Prices
♦   Stone Town Tour – See the Local Culture Contact us
♦   Prison Island Tour – Boating, Snorkeling, Tortoises Contact us
♦   Jozani Forest Tour – View the rare Red Colubus monkey Contact us
♦   Dhow Safaris Tour – Take a Sunset Boating Cruise Contact us
♦   Spice Island Walking Tour – Villages and Spice Plantations Contact us
♦   Dolphin Spotting Tour – Observe Bottlenose and Humpbacks Contact us
♦   Beach Holiday Tours – From 2 Day to 7 Day stays Contact us


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