Giving Back to Tanzania, its Land and People


Classroom in Msalise Primary School, Tanzania Africa

Tanzania national flagVisit Tanzania Tours & Safaris has always taken pride in how we present our beautiful land to visitors and locals alike. Being proud supporters of Tanzania and its people, culture, land and wildlife, giving back to Tanzania for us includes donating to schools, clinics and important environmental causes. Hospitals and schools in most countries are fully staffed with the latest equipment, but not here in Tanzania. Schools need to be upgraded, and hospitals are short on supplies and equipment.

We are also dedicated to helping prevent poaching of endangered spices in Tanzania, specifically the Rhino and Elephant populations, which have been decimated in the last decade. If you would like to join us by providing a donation to help with these needy causes, please let us know. The people and the land of Tanzania will thank you for it.

Local schools need supplies

We are inspired to support education in this country full of hope but lacking the most basic resources. The children that go to these schools have the potential to learn great things if given the opportunity through proElephants at watering hole, Tanzania Safari, Africaeper teaching, books and a building to house them safely. Giving back to Tanzania includes supporting these schools with supplies, books, and repairs.

Elephant poaching

Our love for African wildlife and those struggling so hard to protect it runs deep. Africa has lost 64 percent of its elephants to illegal poachers in the past decade which is a devastating fact in itself. Protecting this land is of utmost importance to us. We join with conservationists by connecting with people, helping with funding, getting the word out, and cheering their efforts. Giving back to Tanzania includes funding important environmental causes like helping stop illegal elephant poaching.

Tanzania clinics need our support

The rural clinic in Kimalamisale, Tanzania sits at the end of a rutted sandy road some 160 miles from the nearest town. It relies on solar panels for electricity, lacks telephone service and has no ambulances. Its main healthcare Hospital in Kisarawe District of Tanzaniaequipment consists of a stethoscope, weighing scales and a blood pressure machine. The clinic is a snapshot of the challenges facing Africa – 60 percent of Africans live without electricity. Giving back to Tanzania includes helping these clinics get off the ground in out of the way locations where local families don’t have any options for professional healthcare. Please join us.

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